Located in Pageland, SC, we provide our customers with Custom Modular Construction throughout both North Carolina and South Carolina. Our prices include Crane Set and delivery within a 100 mile radius. Here are some of our FAQ’s, please feel free to contact us with any other questions that you may have.

What are some of the items that I will need when trying to purchase a modular home?

If you have already been pre-approved for a home loan we will need a pre-approval letter from your lender. If you haven’t already checked into financing, we will gladly provide a list of lenders that can assist you with your home loan. You can also check our finance page on this website. There are many types of mortgage loans available and they would be glad to help make your home purchase go smooth and easy.

What type of down payment will I have to have available?

There are many types of mortgage loans available in today’s market. Some of these loans require a cash down payment, while others may not. Also, if you own your property the lender could possibly use your equity in your property as your down payment. This is why we have a list of mortgage specialists to help in each individual situation.

Do I have to own my own property to be able to purchase a new home?

No. If you don’t already own your property for your new home, Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc is a licensed real estate broker in both North Carolina and South Carolina and can help you in locating and purchasing your property in conjunction with your new home. If you do own your property, we need copies of your environmental permits such as the well permit (if applicable) and septic permit so that we can also estimate costs to give you a full picture of the total costs involved with your new home purchase. We would also like to obtain a copy of a survey of the property so there are no questions about property lines and setbacks.

Is building a Modular home similar to a site-built home?

Modular home construction can reduce your building time by 35% or more. Site-built homes can take many months or even years to complete. Modular construction can save both time and money and reduce stress of building your new home. Due to the fact of Modular Construction being less time consuming than the site-built home, construction loan interest is significantly reduced or eliminated totally. Being that the Modular home is built in a controlled environment inside a plant, each piece of the home(modules) must pass numerous inspections at all phases of the building process. Modular homes meet or exceed all Federal, State, and Local Regulation codes. Modular homes are built greener, with less waste than site-built homes. The modules, being built indoors, are never subjected to the elements of bad weather, such as rain, snow and ice. Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc. can show you many ways that Modular Homes are smarter and more efficient than site-built homes—Just ask!!!

What are some of the additional advantages of a building a Modular Home?

There are many advantages to building a Modular Home. Cost is a big factor. Just saying, you get more bang for your buck$$!! You get more home for the money. Less waste from being built in a controlled environment, materials are bought in bulk and which in turn provides even more savings. Superior construction is also another factor that is gained by being built indoors. Energy efficiency, our Modular Homes are built with 2×6 exterior walls which allows for High Density R-21 Insulation in the exterior walls alone. Adding even more efficiency would be a radiant barrier, called Tech Shield, which can reduce attic temperatures by up to 30 degrees!! There are many more advantages to Modular Construction, feel free to inquire!!

Can Modular Homes be customized?

This question is most often asked and the answer is YES!!! Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc offers hundreds of different floor plans, with each plan being able to be Custom Built to your specific needs. Brothers Housing offers you many choices of interior and exterior options. We offer custom modular construction and are able to meet your individual needs. Also, if you find that plan somewhere else that you just love, bring the plan in and we will be glad to quote you a price with the exceptional value of the Brothers Housing Custom Modular Construction Advantages.

What if I want or need items like a Garage, Deck, or a Covered Porch?

Definitely Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc can handle “all of the above” when it comes to your construction needs. From all sizes and shapes of decks, from a one car carport to a 3-car Garage attached or detached, or even a covered porch or sun room, Brothers Housing can take pride in doing all types of construction to meet all your needs. Even handicapped accessible interiors and exteriors, Brothers Housing can do it!!

What can I do with my single-wide or double-wide home that I live in now?

Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc can take your present single-wide or double-wide as a trade in towards the purchase of your new Modular Home. We here at Brothers Housing can apply that amount towards your new purchase or even sell the used home for you and help in the transition to your new Modular Home.

Why should I travel to Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc in Pageland, SC?

Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc proudly serves both North Carolina and South Carolina and wants everyone to be a satisfied happy homeowner and “live the American dream.” We believe that by having hundreds of floor plans to chose from, each of which can be fully customized, that we can find a home that fits in each individual family’s needs and budget. We also can assist with setting up financing, locating clients property in both NC and SC, handle in-house closings and make the home buying experience a smooth and easy one. With our low overhead, there is even more assurance that you are getting the best value on your new Modular Home that is available in the industry today.

With pricing not being the only concern, our knowledge in the Modular building industry, you can feel the difference of dealing with true Modular Home Specialists. Let Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc make your building experience a simple, pleasurable, and stress free process!!!