Modular Advantage

  1. Custom Modular Construction
  2. Exceptional Quality Control
  3. Cost Effective
  4. Floor plan Flexibility and Design
  5. 2×6 Exterior Walls 16″ O.C.
  6. R-21 High Density Insulation
  7. LP Tech Shield Roof Sheathing
  8. Framer Series Floor Joists
  9. 10 Year Structural Warranty
  10. 10 Year Parts & Warranty on our Heat Pumps

Custom Modular Construction

There is a common misconception about Modular Homes being labeled as manufactured or “trailers.” Our Modular Homes are built indoors, in a controlled environment with your own interior touches and designs such as custom flooring, carpet, cabinetry, countertops, trim molding, doors, paint, and lighting. From elegant, Luxurious Bathrooms to the Gourmet Kitchens, the award winning interior designs will rival most site built homes. The exterior elevation of your dream home can also have customization with windows, exterior doors, siding, brick, rock treatments and more. On site improvements including garages, covered porches, screened porches, decks and sunrooms are just a few more ways that your Modular Home can be customized to your highest expectations. Let Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc help you customize your Modular Home from top to bottom.

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Exceptional Quality Control

Our Modular Homes pass numerous internal and third-party building inspections at all phases of production. Our Modular Homes are built to exceed all Federal, State, and Local Regulation Codes. Tight quality control by our manufacturer ensures a safe and secure new Custom Modular Home. Our Modular units are safely housed and assembled in a climate controlled factory. Materials are never subjected to inclement weather, natural elements, or vandalism. Our Modular Homes are delivered 85% complete, and then crane set upon the site foundation in a matter of hours. Due to the tremendous manufacturing buying power, our Modular Homes will even come complete with quality name brand appliances that the customer can rely on. Our Construction Superintendent will supervise the construction process on your site and make sure that your home is maintaining superior quality workmanship throughout the entire building process.

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Cost Effective

A controlled factory environment guarantees fixed pricing, no costly overruns and a huge reduction with on-site manpower. Also, with the manufacturer purchasing all building materials at bulk rate, we are able to pass the savings on to the customer. With minimal waste and a lot less debris cleanup cost, Modular Home building is an environmental friendly, greener way to build. Our on-site construction process typically takes approximately 30 days, resulting in less interest on construction loans if applicable. Brothers Housing & Real Estate’s low overhead also allows us to offer the best pricing in the Modular Home business today.

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Floor plan Flexibility and Design

With hundreds of floorplans to choose from, you will have a number of choices for exterior treatments and customized interior features. Also, additional accessories such as garages and porches, carpets, cabinetry, award winning kitchen and baths, and much, much more. If you have any special request about your options, please do not hesitate to ask. We have homes for all budgets and will cater to your individual and family lifestyles. Your keys to happiness are just a short drive away!! We build the home. You create the view. Visit our display center to experience the Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc advantage!!

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2×6 Exterior Walls 16″ O.C.

All of our Modular Homes are built with 2″x 6″ exterior walls while most traditional builders are using 2″x 4″ lumber. Our Modular Home exterior walls are built 16″ on center, which results in our Modular Homes being constructed with 30% more lumber, more glue, and more nails. This construction method makes our Modular Homes heavier and stronger than conventional site built homes and those of other competitors. Framer Series Floor Joist lumber ensures more durable floor joist for your flooring system. Our Modular Homes withstand transportation at 60mph (hurricane force winds) and are lifted by a crane and set onto the foundation. Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc Modular Homes pass the test of durability.

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R-21 High Density Insulation

With the usage of 2″x 6″exterior walls, our Modular Homes allow the usage of R-21 High Density Batten Insulation. This is another way of reaching some of the highest energy efficiency ratings available in any homes that are being built today. Most traditional builders are using 2″x 4″ lumber which would only allow R-13 Insulation.

The R-21 High Density Batten Insulation is used in combination with Dupont Tyvek Exterior Home Wrap, which is an air infiltration barrier. Dupont Tyvek Home Wrap aids in stopping air movement through the walls, and also blocks excess water from entering the walls. This type of construction helps in producing an even more energy efficient Modular Home.

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LP Tech Shield Roof Sheathing

At Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc our Modular Home roof systems can also come with TechShield Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing. TechShield also helps in the energy efficiency department by reducing attic temperatures by up to 30 degrees and reducing cooling costs by almost 20%!! Techshield is a Radiant Barrier that reflects the ultraviolent rays from the sun preventing up to 97% of the radiant heat to enter the attic area of your home. The odds keep piling on the energy savings side of a new Modular Home from Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc. Your new Modular Home will also include the installation of a 13 Seer Goodman heat pump that comes with its own 10 year parts and labor warranty!!

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Framer Series Floor Joists

Weyerhaeuser brings you another breakthrough in structural framing: Lumber that stays so straight it comes with a warranty.

Our patented computerized grading system—the result of 10 years in testing—goes far beyond visual grading capabilities to ensure that every piece starts straight and stays straight. We even mark each board crown to eliminate guesswork on the jobsite.


Weyerhaeuser’s Framer Series™lumber is mechanically graded to virtually eliminate
warping, and each board comes with the crown clearly marked to speed up
installation. With lumber like this, framing goes up fast, crews won’t spend valuable
time culling, and there’s less material waste when the job is done.
Each piece of Framer Series™lumber is performance tested to meet specific strength
and density requirements. Because it’s more stable than commodity boards,
Framer Series™lumber is ideal for any application—even those where vertical-use-only
products aren’t allowed.

Only Framer Series™Lumber offers so many benefits:

  • Limited warranty against warping
  • Floors stay flat and even
  • Crown edge clearly marked on each board
  • Full lateral shear wall capacities—no species reduction needed
  • Meets or exceeds all building code requirements for framing lumber
  • Mold inhibitor helps material stay clean and bright, reducing product loss
    and callbacks

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New Home 10 Year Structural Warranty

New Home 10-Year Structural Warranty

You probably received our 10-year, insurance-backed, new construction structural warranty from your home builder. It’s the most-used and best-recognized warranty in the home-building business. This one year of workmanship coverage, two years of systems coverage, and ten years of structural defect coverage is approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and offers comprehensive coverage on your new home purchase.

One-Year Workmanship Surety Coverage

The following interactive demo shows items included in the One-Year Workmanship Surety Coverage. The specific items covered are governed by the 2-10 HBW Warranty booklet, which you should have received after closing. View Demo

Two-Year Systems Surety Coverage

The following interactive demo shows items included in the Two-Year Systems Surety Coverage. The specific responsibilities are governed by the 2-10 HBW Warranty booklet, which you should have received after closing. This covers the distribution of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. View Demo

Ten-Year Structural Coverage

The following interactive demo shows items included in the Ten-Year Structural Coverage. Structural defect means actual physical damage to one or more of the designated load bearing elements caused by failure of such load bearing elements, making it unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise unlivable. Please see the 2-10 HBW Warranty booklet for the definition of load bearing elements, taken directly from Federal Regulations – Housing and Urban Development. View Demo

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10 Year Parts & Warranty on our Heat Pumps

As an added Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc bonus, all of our installed Goodman Heat Pumps come with a 10 year Parts and Labor Warranty. This adds just another checkmark in the Peace of Mind category. Our certified HVAC technicians are available for any questions that you may have in regards to your heating and air conditioning needs. Rest is assured when you build with Brothers Housing & Real Estate, Inc.

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